Sonia 3 Step Trilite Continuous Video Light Kit for YouTube Video Shooting Table Top Photography


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Sonia 3 step Trilite Kit, a continuous light. Ideal for Table Top Photography, Video coverage and Events. Continuous light constantly lights the subject, enabling us to see where exactly the light falls. So that the photograph appears exactly as we look. CFL flourescent bulb’s high intensity light source provides good lighting without any waves. Further, the colour temperature of 5200k produces exact skin tone and details of the subject. While Separate switches present for separate bulbs of intensity 32W, 64W and 96W. The Sonia 3 step Trilite kit contains 2 Trilite, 2 light stand, 2 Metal Reflector 30cms, 2 Diffusor cloth, 6 Fluorescent bulbs, 2 Power cords, 1 stand bag.


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